Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Flashes

Hello to everyone,

I realize that it must be so very cold for all of you, as I write it's 93 here. How about the NY Jets? (That’s sort of a joke).

Just some quick Christmas flashes.

Senora Luisa is the reigning champ in almost every game we played with the seniors….what a day we all had.

David Petete did an excellent job as Santa (although he did eat many of the candies designated for children....)

During our Christmas breakfast the kids ate their usual "ton" of food. I was amazed when Teresa, who isn't that big, ordered a half a dozen eggs, and a small stack of pancakes......incredible. We were also quite surprised how Chul really is an amazing chef (Wilbur also did a great job on the grill).

I'm writing to let everyone know that Sarah and Chele should be receiving Clare sometime this afternoon. December 29....what a great birthday for our Clare to have. Please include them in your thoughts and prayers today.

Our Christmas continues with the soccer school at the Planchita (with over 100 kids). Santos began by explaining how this "soccer school" is really about formation and transformation of people. I really like that. He began by testing his athletes and we were amazed how Kevin Gordo just ran away with the Cooper Test. Jobel also demonstrated what military training has done for him as he lapped (I think several times) his fellow athletes in the upper division. As the kids ran I could only dream about one day having a track for these kids to run on....maybe we can get NIKE to donate that to us.

The Men's Indoor Soccer league and Christmas Hockey continue. Norelvi has come back from the UCA to dominate hockey. I have to say I love to see that. She took two big whacks from the puck the other day and just kept skating.

We also just concluded the Planchita Christmas Soccer Tournament (won by team Indiana) and the Women's Christmas Tournament. We are keeping a lot of people busy and focused. I am so proud of the Planchita team for their work during this vacation. They ran great events and did a great job to prevent violence (which has always been a part of tournament play here).

We still have our end of year reflections, visits to the elderly in San Salvador, and the Feast of the Three Kings.......

Christmas is a long way from done, so don't lose your Christmas focus (stay focused....)

I send my love,

JUST IN>>>>>>

Clare Henriquez was just born……8 pounds/21nches long…….

Felicidades Chele and Sarah……..


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve......

We've checked the list twice,

We have the premium Ring Pops and Roll Up Candy,

.....and Oreo's for the top of Santa's List,

The stockings are filled,

Luis, Carlos, Gio are putting the last screws on the Christmas Fusbol game (the rush is on....Christams will soon be here),

Jairo, Cobra, Rosibel are at the fences keeping the kids away....

No one allowed in until after mass (and Santa's work is done)

The Christmas lights are on,

The candles are lit,

Christmas will soon be here,

We can feel it

We can hear it

We can taste......

We can smell it,

Thanks to all of you

for this Christmas

and everyday,

you make it all possible,



We "gift" you with our love,

Merry Christams to all,

the tamarindos

and john