Thursday, November 4, 2010

Time to Build the Kingdom

Here it is cool and “fall” like. We have had a sudden weather changeand it has been a shock to the agriculture of the region. The rainjust ended….weeks before it was supposed to. People watch as theirbeans just dry out by both wind and October sun. Life of thefarmer… in Latin America (live today because disaster alwayslurks around the corner). Now the weather “experts” say we will be struck with the effects oftwo hurricanes colliding somewhere, which will bring twenty days ofrain and wind. All predict disaster is coming. It is such a fear thatthe school is doing final exams next week and will close for the yearbefore the rains begin. Does anyone have experience at arc building?Does anyone know how long “300 cubits by 50 cubits by 30 cubits” is? Today my co-worker Luis Lopez left at 4:30 am for his audience withthe US embassy (it seems all journeys from El Salvador begin in thedark). A trip to the embassy is reminiscent of a trip to see theWizard of Oz. When Luis is called he will enter a room with mirrorsfor walls. He will slide his VISA application, passport and TamarindoFoundation letter (signed by our very own chairmen of the board Mr.Bud Frutkin) into a hole in the wall as a voice (the Wizardhimself?)” will begin to ask him questions. Imagine this voice coming from out of the glass, serious andefficient with no wasted emotion (like a scene from a Stanley Kubrickfilm); “What is your motive for traveling to the United States of America?” “How much money do you have in the bank?” “Do you own property?” “Who is this Bud Frutkin guy…? “ The “Wizard” doesn’t miss a trick. We hope that it will go well and wecan send him north on the 25th of October. His journey to four USstates will have five goals (with an extra three for fun): 1) invite new people to become part of our Tamarindo Community(organize local events, find new interns for the summer of 2011,discover new support in every creative way possible)2) meet and energize all of you on your home turf3) inspire much needed financial support4) enjoy the experience of being with all of you5) say thank you from all of us (for all that you do)6) skate on ice7) see an NHL hockey game8) in California visit the house of John Fogherty (Credence Clearwater Revival) The Tamarindo Community goes well with much emphasis these days oncommunity life and reflection. The work of analysis, understandingand prayer is paramount to everything that we do. We just completed afabulous theatrical presentation “The Voice of God: Calling Us”.Special effects included a chain saw, a mini forest and a lovelyperformance by David Petete as God. The central theme was ourresponsibility in “God’s Revolution”……building the kingdom. Thequestion to our community was; What are YOU doing today to build the“New Society” (change the world) ?