Monday, February 15, 2010

Planchita / Escuela de Futbol Tamarindo Report

Planchita/ Escuela de Futbol Tamarindo Report
January- February

- We currently are working with 60 students in the Sports School
8 to 20 years old

-We are organized into 4 classes or groups divided by ages and ability

-Currently we are working with five coaches; myself, Arnulfo Dubon, Luis Lopez, Juan Guiliano and Miguel Dubon. We hope to incorporate two women coaches in March who are currently working in the Tamarindo with small girls.

-The members of the school seem very happy with the project as they show great interest in what they are doing as well as expressing thanks for this opportunity to be a part of such a “school”.

-It must be noted that our work goes far beyond the field and that our school’s goal is to not only provide instruction in sports but be a source of integral formation. Our interest goes far beyond the field and we care what students do off the field, in the community in their homes and at school.

-After two months I can say that our groups have been disciplined I would say that also applies to the coaching staff.

-The aspect of discipline seems to be the most difficult for the students as they are not accustomed to that. Many just want to play but the program we have demands something more from each student.

-We have organized several clean ups of both the soccer and baseball fields. Cleanups are executed before each training session.
-We began digging up the volleyball/baseball area purchasing soil as we prepare for the seeding during the rainy season

-We had four training goals built in Guarjila. The goals will be used during practice sessions both at the Planchita and the community field which we are preparing.

-We began preparation of another field (the community field) for use by our groups as well as other children located by the old Tamarindo shop. We felt we needed more space due to the number of students and groups that want to play. The preparation has included cutting brush, digging up soil (to flatten areas), removing bushes with thorns, and contracting a tractor to help us flatten the field out. All labor was on a voluntary basis.

-We have started a small walking group led by Noemi Alfaro and Serinda Lopez. Currently we have six people involved. In March we hope to receive more referrals from the clinic for people to walk as part of an over all health program

-We organized a soft ball game between Guarjila and St. Mary’s High School from California. The Tamarindo team won the game. The game was the beginning of our softball/baseball program which we hope to develop in March and April.

-We are currently preparing for an encounter with another sports school in the town of La Laguna. The director of the school is a friend of mine from school. We plan to have soccer games, softball, and a chance for the students to share experiences. This is the first of several encounters we have planned for 2010.

-I also want to thank you for your help in making our school a reality. God Bless You.

Santos Alfaro